Based on the microwave uniform heating mechanism, microwave heating equipment has the characteristics of energy saving, fast heating speed, good product quality, high energy utilization rate, small equipment occupation area, no environmental pollution and other notable features.

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Hunan Thersun Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of microwave technology. We manufacture the world's most advanced high-tech microwave devices. Our company was established in May 2011, and located in the scenic and cultural city of Yueyang Development Zone. There are 53 people in our company, of which 32 are engineering technical personnels with Bachelor degree or above, including 5 postgraduates and 2 professors. Now, our company plans to buy 66 hectares of land in Yueyang City to build a microwave industrial park which based on the combination of microwave energy technology applications with other new material industries. It will form a new material industry which output value will over US 8 billion dollars.

We have now obtained 11 patents for invention

25 patents of utility model patent

Fully owned independent intellectual property rights and core proprietary technology


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