Industrial system

RWFF microwave/hot-air low temperature shed dryer



(1) Introduction
RWFF microwave/hot-air low temperature shed dryer is mainly used in dehydration of large workpiece under air atmosphere. Depend on the user’s actual demand, it can choose either pure microwave drying or microwave/hot-air drying. In comparison to the traditional dryer, our dryer’s structure is simpler, larger in capacity, smaller foot-print, higher efficiency, and save energy over 40%.

(2) Structure
RWFF microwave/hot-air low temperature shed dryer consists of microwave airtight shed, microwave shielding door, microwave feeding system, mobile cart, control system, hot air piping system, temperature/humidity control system, etc.

(3) Main technical parameters:
1) Overall dimension: customize
2) Working mode: Batch
3) Power supply: AC 3~ N 380V ± 10V / 50Hz
4) Rated capacity: customize
5) Microwave frequency: 2.45GHz
6) Output microwave power: customize
7) Measurement of humidity and temperature: Thermohygrometer, infrared pyrometer
8) Maximum working temperature: 400oC
9) Temperature/humidity control: Automatic or manual
10) Air flowrate: customize
11) Air flow pressure: customize
12) Cavity dimension: customize
13) Microwave leakage level: Comply standard of GB10436-89
14) Cooling water: Outside-connected circulating cooling water
15) Cooling water pressure: 0.15-0.2Mpa
16) Cooling water flowrate: customize
17) Water temperature and quality requirement: hardness ≤ 60mg/L (CaCO3) and comply standard of GB10067.1-88
18) Hot air piping: customize

(4) Application fields:

Drying and dehydration of all kinds of inorganic, organic nonmetallic materials, and building porcelain materials, etc.