Industrial system

RWET microwave/electric high temperature pusher kiln


(1) Introduction
RWET Microwave/electric high temperature pusher kiln can overcome the problem of poor microwave absorption at low temperature under pure microwave heating and the shortcoming of workpiece cracking caused by the degumming is too drastic. Its advantages are rapid heating, high production efficiency, better product quality, pollution free environment, significant energy saving compared to conventional kiln. It is typically used in sintering, synthesis, pyrolysis, nitriding, oxidizing and non-metallic magnetic materials under the air, protective, weak reducing and enriched air atmosphere.

(2) Structure
 RWET microwave/electric high temperature pusher kiln consists of microwave attenuators, microwave/electric hybrid heating zone, soaking zone, slow cooling zone, quenching zone, microwave leakage real-time alarm, pushing system, insulation system, circulating cooling water system, microwave feeding system, temperature control system, electric control system, external cycle transmission line, and kiln furniture, etc.

(3) Main technical parameters:
1)  Power supply: Three-phase five-wire / 380 ± 10V / 50Hz
2) Rated power: customize
3) Output microwave power: customize
4) Single microwave generation power: 1.5kW / 3kW
5) Power supply for single microwave generator: 380V ± 10V @ 10A
6) Magnetron normal lifespan > 5000h
7) Microwave frequency: 2.45GHz ± 25MHz
8) Maximum working temperature:1650oC
9)  Temperature measurement: Thermocouple / infrared pyrometer
10) Temperature control: touch screen, recipe can be set
11) Pushing speed: Adjustable
12) Pushing method: hydraulic push rod
13)  Microwave leakage level: Comply standard of GB10436-89
14) Allowable atmosphere: air or oxygen enriched air
15) Output capacity: customize
16) Size of crucible: customize
17) Size of pushing plate: customize
18) Uniformity of high temperature section: ±5oC
19) Stability of kiln temperature: ±5oC
20) Kiln surface temperature ≤85oC
21) Circulating cooling water flowrate: According to the actual demand
22) Pressure of circulating cooling water ≥ 0.15Mpa
23) Cooling water temperature ≤10oC
24) Water temperature and quality requirement: hardness ≤ 60mg/L (CaCO3) and comply standard of GB10067.1-2005

(4) Application fields:
?  Firing of electro-ceramic products
?  Firing of structural ceramic products
?  Firing of magnetic material products

(5) Typical cases:
? Microwave sintering of zirconia products
? Microwave sintering of alumina products