Industrial system

RWLJ garbage microwave pyrolysis kiln



1、 Introducttion
RWLJ garbage microwave pyrolysis kiln is mainly used in pyrolysing organic waste into biological oil ,combustible gas and solid carbon. Microwave heating has the characteristics of immediacy, integrity ,selectivity, efficiency,etc.,which can heat material and make the organic matter crack quickly. In comparison to the traditional way, the way to produce the oil and gas combustion value and yield is increased greatly. The superficial area of solid carbon is larger than that produced by traditional mode .

2、 Structure
RWLJ garbage microwave pyrolysis kiln consists of feed mechanism, screw feed airtight mechanism,screw conveyor continuous drying furnace,microwave high temperature cracking furnace ,atmosphere protection system, temperature measurement system, electronic control system ,gas collection system ,solid product collection system, etc.
3.Main technical specifications
1)  Power supply: Three-phase five-wire / 380 ± 10V / 50Hz
2) Output microwave power: customize
3) Installed microwave power: customize
4) Single magnetron output power: 1.5kW
5 )Power supply for single microwave generator: 380V ± 10V @ 10A
6) Magnetron normal lifespan > 5000h
7) Microwave output frequency: 2.45GHz±25MHz
8) Temperature measurement: Thermocouple / infrared pyrometer
9) Maximum cracking temperature: 900℃
10) Temperature control: touch screen, recipe can be set
11) Working mode: Batch
12) Microwave leakage level: Comply standard of GB10436-89
13) Allowable atmosphere: protective gas(CO2 or N2 )
14) Feeding mode: bucket hoist machine and screw conveying mechanism
15) Water temperature and quality requirement: hardness ≤ 60mg/L (CaCO3) and comply standard of GB10067.1-2005

4、Application fields:
① Municipal solid waste;
②Crops straw:wheat straw、sorghum straw, maize straw,etc.
③ Industrial organic waste, chaff, saw wood powder, waste plastic, rubber, etc

①Pyrolyse all kinds of organic waste under controlled atmosphere. It is suitable for continuous production, and can realize high quality ,high efficiency, low energy consumption of organic waste microwave cracking.
②Equipped with feeding mouth, which can crack several kinds of organic waste of different microwave properties and has excellent versatility.
③Adopt high efficiency microwave transmission system, which can make uniform energy-feedback .It also adopting the original mathematical model, combine the heating process requirements to design scientific cavity , which make microwave and material reach the optimal coupling form to ensure uniformity and stability of material temperature field ,and with the highest microwave usage.
④ Design safe and reliable all microwave shielding inhibition cavity to ensure the microwave leakage < 1 mw/cm2, superior to the national standard.
⑤ Equipped with continuous and variable power ,high stability, long life special industrial microwave source to ensure equipment can work continuously and stably for a long time that realizes accurate temperature control profile.
⑥Touch screen display and operation, which can control power manually and automaticly to meet the different stage of  temperature requirements in the process of drying and pyrolysis. Able to auto-save operating history, real-time temperature profile display ,and realize dynamic monitoring and control of heating process.
⑦Incorporated with several oxygen analyzer interface which can test oxygen content in each section
at any time to ensure safety.
⑧ Use high precision thermocouple thermometer, oxygen partial pressure measuring instrument, micro pressure gauge, etc. to measure  the furnace temperature, oxygen partial pressure, total pressure, and to realize the accurate control.
⑨With simple and convenient operatingcontrol system.

⑩ With beautiful shape, compact mechanism, and easy to operate and maintain.