Industrial system

RWGF microwave/hot-air low temperature roller kiln



(1) Introduction
RWGF microwave/hot-air low temperature roller kiln is mainly used in dehydration of large workpiece under air atmosphere. Depend on the user’s actual demand, it can choose either pure microwave drying or microwave/hot-air drying. In comparison to the traditional dryer, our dryer’s structure is simpler, larger in capacity, smaller foot-print, higher efficiency, and save energy over 30%.

(2) Structure 
RWGF microwave/hot-air low temperature roller kiln consists of microwave attenuators, microwave/electric hybrid heating zone, quenching zone, feeding device, discharging device, 90o bending devices, transmission line, electric control system, temperature and moisture control system, microwave feeding system, etc.
(3)Main technical specifications:
1)Length: customize
2)No. of section: customize
3)Cavity interval: 2000mm
4)Inner width: 500 - 1200mm
5)Inner effective width: 2000mm
6)Cavity outer width: customize
7)Inner effective height: customize
8)Roller interval: 80 - 200mm
9)Roller speed: adjustable
10)Transmission mode: 45o helical gear
11)Transmission reducer: customize
12)Kiln furniture size: customize
13)Loading height: customize
14)Net Weight (crucible + material): customize
15)Number of kiln furniture: single or double rows
16)Size of ceramic roller: 40-80mm
17)Output capacity: customize
18)Maximum working temperature: 400oC
19) Hot air piping or vapour heat exchanger: customize
20)Temperature control: Automatic
21) Measurement of humidity and temperature: Thermohygrometer, infrared pyrometer
22)No of microwave generator: customize
23)Single microwave generation power: 1.5kW
24)Installed microwave power: customize
(4) Application fields:

Drying and dehydration of all kinds of inorganic, organic nonmetallic materials, and building porcelain materials, etc.