Thersun & The 3rd China Solid-State Battery Symposium & Sodium Power Summit Forum

 On July 11, 2023, our generalmanager Xu Zhuyao and his technical and marketing team visited the third ChinaSolid State Battery Seminar and Sodium Power Summit Forum in Suzhou. Xu made adetailed introduction on the application of microwave high-temperature heatingtechnology in the power battery material industry, and conducted in-depthexchanges and discussions with many industry colleagues on solid-statebatteries and sodium-ion batteries.



Through the exhibition and forum speeches, many exhibitorsand exhibitors have a certain understanding of the application of microwavehigh temperature heating technology in the power battery material industry, andhave expressed great interest in our microwave high temperature equipment. Manycustomers have entered the detailed consultation on the spot, hoping to carryout in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.


Technical characteristics and advantages of Microwave Hightemperature heating Technology in the production of Power Battery Materials

1. Microwave high temperature industrial equipment canautomatically control, continuous production, fast heating, easy to control,energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reducing the cost ofindustrial production, more than 50% energy saving compared with electric kiln.

2. Microwave high temperature industrial equipment can reducethe reaction temperature and improve the stability of the material because ofits fast heating speed and shortening the reaction time. At the same time,microwave heating belongs to the material absorbing microwave heating itself,which has a strong catalytic effect.

3. For negative electrode materials, microwave hightemperature roasting greatly improves the vibration density and purity of thematerials, thus greatly increasing the charging and discharging times andcharging capacitance of the power batteries, and greatly improving the qualityof the materials.