Together, win the future! Zhongsheng Thermal 2022 Annual General Meeting was successfully held

      On the morning of March 11, 2023, the 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Hunan Zhongsheng Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the meeting room of Zhuzhou Power Valley, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Zhongsheng Environmental Decoration Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting was attended by members of the Board of Directors of the Company and 10 shareholders' representatives.

         In accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and the Articles of Association, the Conference deliberated and adopted resolutions such as 2022 Operation Report and 2023 Work Plan, 2022 Financial Report and 2023 Budget Report, and the establishment of a new limited partnership shareholding platform.

       At the meeting, Mr. Xu Zhuyao, General Manager of Zhongsheng Thermal Power, made the Operation Report in 2022 and Work Plan in 2023. The development situation, operation situation, dividend plan, future capital operation and technical innovation of Zhongsheng Thermal Energy in 2022 are reported in detail. Mr. Xie Deyi, Chief Financial Officer, delivered the Financial Report for 2022 and Budget Report for 2023.

        The shareholders and representatives attending the meeting carefully reviewed and listened to the report, and actively expressed their opinions and suggestions; at the same time, the resolutions proposed in the shareholders' meeting were discussed one by one, and finally all the shareholders in the meeting unanimously agreed and passed the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting.

        At the shareholders' general meeting, all shareholders and representatives had a more detailed understanding of the current operation and future development plan of the Company. In particular, we are pleased with the company's gratifying achievements in the three markets of "microwave metallurgy, microwave disposal of hazardous solid wastes and microwave roasting of power battery materials"; he affirmed the work of the management of the company; he was full of confidence and expectation for the future development of the company. And said they will continue to trust and support the company's operation and development.

      With the correct decision and support of the Company's Board of Directors and the efficient execution of the Company's management, all the staff of Sheng will continue to innovate and forge ahead. Make good achievements again, and do our best to create a high-quality brand of Zhongsheng thermal energy industrial microwave equipment, and repay the shareholders of the company with excellent achievements and benefits!