Lab furnace

RWS Microwave multi-functional research furnace


RWS Microwave multi-functional research furnace is a kind of standardized and multi-functional microwave high temperature research equipment. It is typically used for high temperature sintering, R&D, low temperature and small batch production of several materials for colleges, universities, research institutes, technology R&D centers, etc. It also can be applied in protective gas, weak reducing gas and under positive pressure. The furnace is featured of rapid sintering, high efficiency, versatile, etc. 

RWS Microwave multi-functional research furnace consists of microwave cavity, microwave generation system, high vacuum system, insulation system, crucibles, atmosphere control system, electronic control system, infrared pyrometer, mobile platform, etc.

3)Main technical specifications:
1) Power supply: Three-phase five-wire / 380 ± 10V / 50Hz
2)  Rated power: 5kw
4) Output microwave power: 0.1~2.9kW (variable)
5) Microwave frequency: 2.45GHz ± 25MHz
6) Maximun working temperature: 1700°C
7)  Temperature measurement: Infrared pyrometer
8)  Temperature measuring range: 0°C ~ 1800°C / 450°C ~ 2250°C
9)Static vacuum level < 50pa
10) Circulating cooling water flow: ≥ 1m3/h
11) Inlet temperature of circulating cooling water: 5°C~30°C
12) Total circulating cooling water hardness < 60mg/l (tap water instead)
13) Pressure of circulating cooling water ≥ 0.15Mpa
14)  Control system: PLC+ touch screen
15) Atmosphere control system: self-equipped
16) Loading space: 125mm × 100mm
17) Overall dimension: Length × width × height = 1900mm × 1000mm × 1600mm
18) Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.2%
4)Main application fields:
1) synthesis experiments of several kind of powders and parts
2) Sintering experiments of several kinds of parts
5)Main features:
1) High efficiency
2) High quality
3) High energy utilization rate
4) Protective atmosphere
5) Good matching of microwave
6) Simple cooling water system
7) Simplified operation, easy to use
8) Safe and reliable

9) Wide range of temperature measurement