ntroduction of Garbage Microwave Cracking and Resource Utilization Technology

1 Summary

In the process of urbanization, garbage as the product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development. Many cities in the world have had the situation of the garbage siege. However, today, garbage is considered to be the most promising, never-depleted "urban deposit", a "misplaced resource".This is not only the profounding and deepening of garbage awareness, but also the inevitable requirement of urban development.  
With the increasing attention paid to environmental issues, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the development theme of various countries, it is begun to provide opportunities for waste disposal industry. The world’s annual growth rate of garbage is 8.42% while China’s is above 10%. The whole world produces 490 million tons of garbage a year, and China alone produces nearly 150 million tons of municipal garbage a year. China's urban garbage accumulation has reached 7 billion tons. Under such a huge pressure of garbage, it is reasonable to believe that the waste disposal industry will become a star industry both home and abroad in the future.

2 Principles and Characteristics
Nowadays, domestic refuse disposal methods mainly are incineration and landfill, which can not achieve real environmental protection and efficiency.
The Garbage microwave cracking equipment designed and manufactured by Hunan Thersum Thermal Engergy Technology Co.Ltd, degrades the organic and inorganic materials in garbage within their flammable point by using the selective heating and catalytic properties of microwave. It’s gas gathering system, liquid distillation extraction system, liquid processing system can collect and process the solid, gas and water generated from the degrading.Thus,the equipment can generate activated carbon, the fuel gas and fuel oil without emissions of waste gas, waste water, dioxin toxic gases and solid dust of heavy metals.    
3 The Greatest Characteristics:
①  Compared with the conventional way, the pyrolysis technology is more energy efficient, because the temperature is 100-200 ℃ lower;
②  No dust, no waste gas, no waste water discharge, reaching environmental protection requirements efficiently;
③  Maximizing utilization of resources: the solid products after the waste microwave cracking can be processed to produce activated carbon, the gas product can be separated and purified to generate fuel gas, and the liquid product is separated and refined to generate fuel oil. 
④  The application scope is wide and it is applicable to the life garbage disposal of cities and towns in different regions.